Hanging with God

Any relationship that we have in our lives benefits from intentional time

together, your relationship with God is no different! If you want to grow close to God, then

your first step is to spend some quality time with Him. Jesus gave us great examples of this

when he would leave the crowds and the disciples in order to spend time alone with God. We

want to help you grow in your relationship with God through praying, reading your bible,

sharing your story, and serving those around you!

Mark 1:35

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How do I become a Christian

What We Believe

Attending Church

 Regular church attendance is extremely valuable, is very important and

should be practiced by anyone. Church is a vital part of who we are as Christians. Church is not

something that you do individually, it is something that you do collectively. The church is a

place where we can grow in our knowledge of who God is, fellowship with other Christians, and

serve the community in the name of Jesus.

Hebrews 10:24-25

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Attending Church

The Church Body

Being Generous

 It is an important part our faith to learn how to be Generous and Honor God

in every aspect of our lives. Jesus said that we cannot be devoted to both God AND money. In

other words, we can’t focus our lives around ourselves and God at the same time- it just

doesn’t work! Giving back to God is a way that we show gratitude to Him for what he has given

us, that we are dependent on Him to provide for our needs. There are so many ways for us to

be generous like with our time, with our attitude, and even with our actions!

Luke 16:13

Investing in Christian Friendships

 Building friendships can sometimes be one of the most

challenging things in life, especially in junior high. But if you have great friendships you know

how fulfilling and life-giving those relationships can be. That’s because we were designed for

relationships- God created us to do life alongside other people, not by ourselves. Christian

friends can “sharpen” you through supporting you in your success and failures, praying with

you, speaking words of truth into your life, and holding you accountable. These friendships are

so important in helping us grow in our friendships with God and taking our faith to new levels.

Proverbs 27:17

Telling my Story

No matter who you are, where you’re from, what you’ve experienced, or

how long you’ve been a Christian, you have an exciting and powerful story to share with others.

Another term we use for sharing “our story” is “giving a TESTIMONY”. We give a testimony of

Jesus Christ… Who He is, why He came, what He did for us, and how that changed OUR life.

Acts 1:8

Serving Others

Serving others is an important part of living out our faith. Jesus calls us to

think of others ahead of ourselves. By the way that we love and serve those around us, we can

point them to Jesus. Serving doesn’t come naturally to us. Most of us think about what we want

before we think of what others want. Jesus is asking us to adopt a different way of thinking and

adopt His desire and love to serve!

Matthew 20:26-28